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Founder and COO, Raquel Guardia, turned a trip to the store and living in the Southwest Desert into a simple, easy to use multi-cultural hair care line, safe for all hair textures and types.

Yes, even a simple trip to the store, and a visit to the hair care aisle, can divide people along racial lines. Ethnic hair care products that are either at the bottom of the shelf, have few choices or none at all.

"Growing up in a mixed race household, in the suburbs of Chicago, I found “hair wash day” to be an unpleasant event, for both me and my Mom. Witnessing her having to go to three different stores to find everything she needed to do my hair, became an all day event. I wondered why I could not use her brand.

As I started doing my own hair, I noticed women of every ethnic background with different textures of hair… Black, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Latina, Mixed-Race, search for products on the shelf for their “hair type” or “texture”, the same way my Mom did for me.

I wanted to know, “Why are different hair types and textured hair care products at the end of the aisle or in a different section?” and, “Why do we not have as many choices as the other brand names?” 

Hair care products were not only aimed at a particular demographic, but even the “specialty hair care” products were geared toward the same ethnic texture, as if there is only one type. And there are so many different hair textures within many different races. Our choices were very limited, if not non-existent. Today, we may offer more selections, but we went from one end of the spectrum, to the other." 

"When I started my career in the Travel & Spa industry, I witnessed women from every demographic with “hard to manage hair”, no matter if it was thin or thick (it’s a myth that only “textured” hair is hard to manage) coming to the resort for Spa services, and "passing” when it came to Salon services. We did not have salon grade hair care products that would work on every type of texture hair. Personally, I could relate. Nothing changed."

Something had to change...

"I envisioned a hair care line for all hair textures, within the same brand. It would not matter the color of your skin or ethnic background. Hair care products that every demographic could use. On the same shelf with name brands, with product choices by hair texture, starting with thin textures and completes at coily textures. Hair care that was kind to your hair, with natural botanical ingredients and Made in the USA."

And the answer was right out my front door… 

Inspired by the Southwest Desert, known for its medicinal botanical plants, StellaSimone Salon Systems was created.

A professional botanical grade hair care, inspired from Women all over the World.

A complete hair care line that actually focuses on the different textures of hair, not on the color of your skin. 

Products that are: Cruelty Free. Color Safe. Paraben Free. Sulfate Free. SD Alcohol Free. Sodium Chloride Free. Phthalates Free. Vegan. No added Gluten. 

Safe for all hair types and textures, including human hair extensions. 

Created for Everyone. 🌱

"I hope you enjoy our products, as much as I enjoyed bringing them to you!"


Raquel Guardia Founder & COO

StellaSimone Salon Systems

Woman Owned. Black Owned. Made in USA.

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